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ACC Server Manager v1.4.2


Hey guys,

I proudly present the first version of the ACC Server Manager for streamers, private users and league managers.

I programmed this server tool with heart and brain in my free time and spent over 100 hours on it. If the server tool is worth something to you, then I would be happy if you would use the donate button.

ROUTER: TCP/UDP 9230 - 9240 and TCP/UDP 8080 - 8081


Multiple Servers

Create multiple server for several situations to cover your requirements.

Race Results

Every race is saved, listed with player names and lap times and can be export as json file.



Multiple Tracks

Full feature to add, remove and edit tracks. Configure password, Safety rating, track medals and other data.



Race Manager

You can manage your league or private race with teams and players. Every racer which has played on your servers is saved to general playlist.




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                     * Download only for registered users.

  • Upload/Download measure

    For local machines, i have implemented a measuring for bandwidth.
  • CPU measuring

    Show cpu usage for local maschines.
  • Players on Server

    Every player on server will be saved with steam ID.
  • Manage Players on Race Manager 

    Save players on manager can be automatically added to teams.
  • Don't forget to donate.

    Over 100 hours of development.
  • Thanks all other credits.

    Thanks all other peoples that helped to develope the software and website.